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Step by step guide for new poker players

New players that want to start playing poker online should do some research beforehand, especially if we are talking about playing with real money. The good news is that the process is fairly simple to follow given the right guide and new users can hit the tables in no time whatsoever. It is important to know right from the start that poker is very popular on the internet and this can translate into different things from a large number of online poker rooms to different versions of the game and various stakes.

Become familiar with the game

The first process is to learn how poker works. Since it is a very common game across the world, most people are already familiar with the game of poker but it never hurts to refresh some of the rules if you think you are a bit rusty. Since the game is based on decisions made in specific situations, it is essential to know every hand strength and possible combinations with the cards that you are dealt. The easiest one to learn, and also the most popular, is Texas Hold'em which uses two hole cards dealt to each player and five more on the table that any player can use. The strongest combination of five cards wins the hand.

Find a good poker room

If you know how to play the game, the next step is to find a reliable online poker room to play at. Here is where things can get a bit complicated since there are so many options available and not all of them are good for new players. Best Poker is the ideal cardroom for players that want to practice playing poker in a safe and fun environment. The player traffic is good enough to make sure that there is always action going on, especially at the low and mid-stakes tables, and there are not many sharks to worry about. The promotions are also great for new players since they offer free money depending on the size of your deposit; the amount is released in increments as you play the game.

When joining a new poker room, it is recommended to do some research and get a bonus code. This can be used to get more benefits and access to certain promotions and it is incredibly easy to use. Learn more about poker bonus codes and where to find them.

Set your filters

As mentioned before, online poker is very diverse and new players need to know what and for how much they want to play. The game of choice depends on what you feel most comfortable with and what you enjoy the most. You can always try out new things but for starters, it is best to stick with what you know.

The next step is setting the stakes you plan on playing. Obviously, this is determined by the size of your bankroll but low-stakes are normally a great starting point. Keep in mind that the size of the bankroll dictates the limits you play and that it is not recommended to just deposit $100, join the $1-$2 tables and lose it all in one session. The general rule of thumb is to join tables that have a max buy-in of 5% or less of your bankroll when playing no-limit. By taking these precautions and only playing on tables you can afford, you are less likely to lose all your money in a short amount of time. As you begin to win and your bankroll increases, more tables will become available.

Enjoy the game

Most users start playing online poker because they enjoy the game and are looking to have fun. The objective is not normally to win money right from the start but it is always there in the background. The first and most important thing is to enjoy the game and try to improve your style as you play. It is very likely that if you start with the idea that you must win money from poker, you will not have an enjoyable experience and will quit really soon.

On the other hand, if you play for fun and constantly try to improve, the results will show much sooner and you will be more satisfied when they do.

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